Why am I here?

Art: I am currently a lifestyles, food and wine writer/photographer for an Ohio Valley newspaper. In Oregon I was a freelance photographer and writer, doing projects and assignments for various coast magazines and newspapers. My fine art photography work appeared in several north coast galleries, and I"ve taught photography, writing and hypertufa classes through clubs, associations and agencies in Rochester, NY, Oregon and Ohio.

Wine: At one point I had a wine shop and gallery, where I enjoyed educating people about wine in a casual, unintimidating environment and where I could represent talented, emerging local artists. My goal was to give people visiting that resort community a "taste of Oregon" that they couldn't get anywhere else. As a wine rep for a California-based distributor, I brought new finds to clients and helped restaurants and shops develop their inventories. For 20 years I've organized and hosted wine tastings for private parties and public events.

Food: Food is the soul of culture. My grandfather was a farmer who sold his vegetables at small mom-and-pop stores and ate eggs every day from the chickens running around the yard. I support real food and real farmers. Food and wine are historic partners, and I love to see the light bulbs over people's heads when a particular pairing brings out the best of both.

I ask myself why I do what I do.. I can escape into the creative zone, but I also love meeting people and working with the Soul's purpose. Sharing my knowledge by bringing people fun, interactive experiences and piquing their interests in creativity, food and wine is what ArtSoulWine is about. 

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Glynis Valenti   


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